Are you looking for a Cleanroom Designer and Manufacturer in Pakistan?

Pheasants International is one of the best designer and Manufacturer of Cleanroom in Pakistan. Cleanrooms are essential to any manufacturing process where particulate contamination can affect the quality of goods produced. Specific cleanroom classifications and ISO class code descriptions provide protective guidelines and secure environments through controlled air filtration, which lowers the possibility of product contamination or large particulate interference within critical process manufacturing. Specific cleanroom requirements and ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards are used to protect consumers from any potential flaw or mishandling of a product. Pheasants International Offers Best Solution according to Client Space and according to International Codes from Design to testing.

How you can find the best cleanroom designer and Manufacturer in Pakistan?

Many manufacturing processes require a controlled environment provided by a cleanroom. Because cleanrooms have complex mechanical systems and high construction, operating, and energy costs, the cleanroom design must be carried out in a systematic manner.

  1. Examine the layout for people and material flow.
  2. Classify the cleanliness of the cleanroom.
  3. Cleanroom Pressurization
  4. Determine the  Airflow of the cleanroom
  5. Determine the Exfiltration of cleanroom
  6. Determine the Air Balance in the cleanroom
  7. Examine the Remaining Variables
  8. Determine the Mechanical System Layout and Performance
  9. Calculations for Heating/CoolingCompetition for Mechanical Room Space

Pheasants International is one of the best Pakistan leading suppliers of ceiling panels, wall panels, and Pass Boxes. Pheasants have specialized in the Cleanroom industry. Providing you with a customized service.

Pheasants can provide turnkey projects including Cleanroom design, Cleanroom system, HVAC system, Building Management system,Environment Management System, Electricity, CCTV, Fire alarm system, Testing & Commissioning

For cleanroom parts, we can offer cleanroom panels, doors, windows, Medium filters, HEPA filters, pass boxes, weighing booths(Sampling & Dispensing),

◆Laminar air flows, Air showers, Stainless steel furniture, Cleanroom telephones, LED Lights, etc
We are the strongest cleanroom product supplier in PAkistan with high quality and huge capacity. 

How you can find the best Cleanroom Designer and Manufacturer in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi

Pheasants International is one of the best Cleanroom Designer and Manufacturers in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.