Testing, Balancing &
Clean Room Validation

  • Duct pressure testing for leakage
  • Duct Traverse Test
  • Measurement of sound and vibration levels
  • Complete air and hydronic testing and balancing of the large, medium, and small, Industrial, commercial air conditioning systems (i.e. VAV, multi-zone, double-duct, single-zone with reheat systems).
  • Electrical measures (Frequency, Power Factor & Kw.), Hydronic flow measures, Pressures across heat exchangers (Water & Air), Airflow measures, Motor RPM measures & Thermal measure.
  • Cleanroom Performance Testing, Adjusting, Balancing and Recording, As per DQ confirming 1S0 14644 Part – 3, Cleanroom validation to be done both at rest & in operation

Pheasants International is a highly reputed TAB (Testing and Air Balancing service Provider company, specialized in implementing Testing and Balancing services of HVAC Systems, Clean Room Validation, and Commissioning of Electromechanical Systems, starting by pre-checking the system before the operation of the system and then by using the specialized equipment in the field to completely commission the different systems and equipment in order to verify its functionality and meet the objectives pursued by the project.

Our thoroughly trained and experienced field engineers conduct performance evaluations in accordance with all cleanroom testing standards.

Pheasants International is committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Prompt response, computerized scheduling, rigorous testing, and precise, compliant documentation characterize our service philosophy. Pheasant International has vast experience in cleanroom systems in order to help ensure these critical areas are performing in accordance with international standards and customer quality specifications.