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Pheasants International is one of the Best Air Handling Unit Suppliers in Pakistan. We believe that improvement is always possible and we try to continuously improve ourselves and our services & products.

Air handling with the unit is a gadget used to manage and flow air as a feature of warming, ventilating, and cooling framework. Pheasants International Offers Multiple Options according to Client and Project Requirements which Include Design, Supply, Installation & Replacement of Modular Air Handling Units, Standard Air Handling units, energy-productive Hygienic AHU’s and High Energy Efficient AHU’s. Exceptionally Recognize International Brands Attached with us from Many Years. We do turnkey Projects from plan to Testing dispatching with profoundly Qualified Engineers.

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We are also the manufacturer of AHU in Pakistan. It is our motivation in everything we do Small improvements in the production process and big solutions to reduce energy consumption: we are always trying to make technical progress.

Double Skin Air Handling Unit

Energy Efficient air handling Unit

Hygienic air handling unit

Air Handling Unit supplier in Pakistan

Modular Air Handling Units

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Pheasants International is one of the best AHU suppliers in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.