How you can find the best HVAC Company in Pakistan?

Pheasants International is an Emerging HVAC Company in Pakistan providing  Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Solutions to various industries. We are leading HVAC companies, Contractors, and Consultants in Lahore Islamabad, and Karachi. We are executing turnkey HVAC Projects all over Pakistan. As an HVAC Company here are our HVAC Products:


How we can provide you services as an HVAC Company

Pheasants International is an HVAC Company in Pakistan. We are giving the best air conditioning Contracting Administrations in Pakistan. Heating and Ventilation is a major problem in the Industrial area, Pharmaceuticals, and commercial sector of Pakistan. Nowadays, it is almost difficult to enter any structure without encountering the marvel of current air conditioning innovation. Notwithstanding, as structures age, their warming and cooling units can turn out to be less compelling and start to wear out. We can comprehend that an agreeable business climate is a more beneficial one. We are Leading in Pakistan as an HVAC Company.

What our HVAC Services can do for you?

Decline Utility Expenses:

HVAC systems require upkeep that goes beyond just changing air filters. Inspections can reduce the longer-term costs of repair by identifying issues early on. Estimated Savings – 5% to 40% of HVAC-related energy costs depending on the type of maintenance.

Improve Indoor Solace:

There are now more options for ventilation and moving air throughout your industrial area than ever before. The use of fans and air filters will improve the air quality of your building while also creating a more universal temperature throughout the industrial area, clean rooms, and hospitals.

Extend the Life of Equipment:

Since the innovation used to produce HVAC frameworks has improved alongside better development materials, these frameworks would now be able to be required to a year ago more than they did before. Fundamental routine upkeep will mean fewer fixes less requirement for substitutions later on. In addition, since the framework is can oversee itself and not run exorbitantly, all significant segments take less mileage.

Improved Outcomes:

Air conditioning Framework can deliver Improve results. Give the best perfect climate to your Structures, Industrial area, and cleanroom.

How you can find the best HVAC companies in Lahore and Islamabad?

We are one of the oldest HVAC companies in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad that is dealing in the Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of HVAC Systems for more than 20 years.

How to find the best HVAC Consultancy services in Pakistan?

We are Providing HVAC Consultancy in Pakistan for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Solutions for Built Environments of the Health-Care Facilities | Clean Rooms | Bio Safety Level Labs | Data Centers Hospitals | Museums | Close environment Control Facilities.

  • Screening and Survey of Existing HVAC&R Plan
  • Creative Planning & Preparation of HVAC & MEP System Concept
  • Design of Energy-Efficient HVAC & MEP System
  • Documentation for Delicate, Details, Bill of Amounts
  • Quality Control, Testing & Commissioning
  • Cost Assessment
  • Supervision & Management of Construction or Contracts


    We make no compromises with our quality HVAC contracting services as a leading HVAC Company in Pakistan, so just contact us!