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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort

Fire fighting

The business was formed to meet the demand for high-quality Protection for your buildings.


The plumbing system is the science of installing, repairing and servicing the waste pipes, fixture traps, vent pipes, building sewer, drainage pipes and devices.

Clean Room

Cleanrooms are essential to any manufacturing process where particulate contamination can affect the quality of goods produced.


The term refrigeration means cooling a space, substance, or system to lower or maintain its temperature below the ambient one. In other words, refrigeration is artificial (human-made) cooling.

Testing, Balancing & Clean Room Validation

when dealing with clean environmental conditions required by today’s microelectronics, bio-medical, and other highly technical industries.

Electrical & BMS

Modern smart buildings are to tie practically every device in the building to a central control system. With efficient control of energy costs can be reduced and comfort levels maintained.

Food and Beverage

The industry is much more focused on technology and mechanical manipulation of raw foods to create more value-added food products than the agricultural industry.