Pheasants Company works with a variety of manufacturers to offer you the best possible costs on equipment. Our employees are highly trained and experienced to install commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Pheasant Company’s skilled technicians install & commission service most industrial and commercial equipment.

Approximately 90% of energy costs in the Cold Storage sector are accounted for by refrigeration. Having designed, installed, commissioned, maintained and tested all types of refrigeration plants, warehousing and distribution facilities.

Pheasants International has designed & Develop a range of industry-specific sustainable solutions with multi-temperature capabilities that can meet even the most stringent regulations, reduce energy consumption, slash operating costs over a minimum of 15 years. Pheasants International has played a vital role in helping our customers grow a healthy bottom line through savings from running an efficient and low maintenance plant. Our solutions are designed to help you deliver the lowest cost.

Pheasants International offers a range of freezing and chilling solutions to meet customer’s specific requirements. We can also provide solutions for blast freezing/chilling and plate freezing. In all cases, we offer industrial refrigeration equipment to meet the required cooling duty with a choice of refrigerants, including ammonia and carbon dioxide. This includes our low charge ammonia solutions, which has been designed for spiral and blast freezing applications. Our experience covers a wide range of applications and products, including ready meals, meat processing, seafood, bakery, vegetable coolingcosmetics & Beverage.